CMS and HSF freeze London associate pay while Jones Day, Macfarlanes and Travers increase salaries

July 11, 2017 Herbert Smith Freehills and CMS McKenna Nabarro Olswang have both announced that salaries for the firms’ London-based associates will be frozen. CMS, however, has announced that Bristol-based NQs will receive a £1,500 increase to £49,000, while Scotland-based NQs will see a £1,000 increase to £39,000.

Meanwhile, Jones Day has increased is City NQ salaries by 18% to £100,000. First-year trainees at the firm will see a £2,000 increase to £47,000, with second-year trainees receiving an 8% increase to £54,000.

Travers Smith has increased NQ pay by 5% to £75,000, while Macfarlanes NQs will earn between £81,300 and £90,000, depending on bonuses.


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