A&O wide pay gap data nonetheless competitive with rivals’

March 12, 2018 Allen & Overy has joined several other magic circle firms in releasing earnings data as it pertains to the gender pay gap.

The numbers show that the firm’s male staff received an average of 42% more than its female staff in the 12 months leading up to 5 April 2017. The median bonus figure stands at 23%.

The women of the firm were paid an average of 19.8% less per hour than the men, a number that grows to 27.4% when taking the median figure into account.

Though the numbers are far from perfect, they do sit closer to equality than those of fellow magic circle firm Linklaters. The latter firm’s male staff received close to 60% more than the female staff in bonuses. The average pay for female employees of the firm was 23.2% less than for their male colleagues, a gap which widened to 39.1%, when factoring in the median figure.

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