End of merger negotiations between UK firms Maclay Murray & Spens and Bond Pearce

March 19, 2012 There has been a failure of merger negotiations between Scottish law firm Maclay Murray & Spens and Bristol's Bond Pearce. The decision to abandon the talks comes after months of negotiations, which were resumed after earlier discussions failed a couple of years ago.

The firms have very similar financial profiles, with identical PEP and similar turnover figures. And both have an office in London. But getting together just isn’t an easy thing to do, despite the market pressure on mid-level firms to merge. Other recent non-starters include the DWF and Cobbetts romance, and Dundas & Wilson's failed overture to Bircham Dyson Bell.

A spokeswoman for Bond Pearce said "We’re growing organically along with exploring various options including merger and acquisition in order to support our strategy". She added that the firm was not "currently in formal discussions" with anyone about a merger. And MMS similarly confirmed that the firm was not "currently" in merger discussions.

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