Jury research . . . done completely online? Absolutely.

May 17, 2012 Online? Jury research? Yes - online jury research is becoming more common among lawyers to pre-test their cases and understand how jury-eligible people in their venue perceive their case. (And it is often a very different take on your case than you have.)

How does it work? Seamlessly. Let us show you. LookingGlass and EDGE Litigation Consulting are touring Houston-based law firms with a live demo of this innovative tool for trial teams. And if you're not in Houston, no problem. Let us know of your interest and we'll be in touch. Contact Sharon Soffner-Meyer at [email protected] or 888-330-6967. Or get in touch with me, Suzanne Davis, partner at EDGE at [email protected] or 281-235-3645.

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