UK government review of social mobility says progress is 'too slow'

June 11, 2012 The UK government has published an independent review on social mobility, which looked into the professions of law, journalism, politics and medicine to determine whether there have been significant advances in the diversity of the workforce.

The legal profession came out looking marginally better than the other professions, though the conclusions of the report did not paint a glowing picture and incline one to describe law as the least worst profession surveyed, rather than the best.

The top jobs in the legal services industry are still dominated by a social elite, and Alan Milburn, who led the review, commented that progress had been made but was "too slow".

Milburn had four recommendations for law firms:

1. Sort out current inclusion programmes and properly monitor their impacts.

2. Make these programmes sustainable.

3. Embed social mobility initiatives into "the fabric" of each firm.

4. Recruit from as many of the country's 115 universities as possible.

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