Th downsides of in-house

June 12, 2012 This article takes a sober look at some of the downsides of switching from a law firm to a role as in house counsel. The upside is obvious: an end to billable hours, an unpredictable and heavy schedule, and repetitive assignments, and a start to a regular timetable and generous compensation.

On the downside, your legal skills may deteriorate as you are expected to perform a more managerial - rather than legal - role. Getting back into a law firm or even moving across to another company can be difficult.

Further, the pay might not be as high as you had anticipated. Some estimates show that less than 1 in 50 attorneys ever make the same kind of money they did before leaving a firm.

Many in-house lawyers find that their workload doesn’t in fact decrease when they move in-house, clocking huge numbers of hours and dealing with complex multi-jurisdictional disputes.

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