Survey shows graduates feel pretty good about law school

October 24, 2012 Despite dismal statistics on student debt and graduate job prospects, it seems that law school graduates have good feelings about the institutions that educated them. In a survey of more than 700 law school graduates from the class of 2012,  37% gave their law school education an “A” grade, while 53% gave it a “B.” Only 9% gave their legal education a “C” grade; 1% scored it a “D.” None gave their law school education an “F.”

The survey was conducted in August by Kaplan Bar Review, a division of test-preparation company Kaplan Inc.

The graduates seem to be an optimistic lot: more than half of them (56 per cent) said they weren’t employed in the legal field, but sixty-two per cent of that group said they were confident they would find work in the legal field in the next three months.


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