Law firms reckless with confidential information

March 8, 2013 A new survey has concluded that law firms do worse than other corporate entities when it comes to the proper disposal of confidential information. The Australian and New Zealand branch of the global National Association for Information Destruction scoured the contents of commercial garbage bins in Sydney, and found that law firms improperly disposed of almost double the average amount of confidential information.

The survey looked at trash from more than 100 organisations in Sydney, and found that 11 per cent of companies put personal information in trash cans that were readily available to pedestrians and identity thieves. Of the sixteen law firms were included in the survey, the Association easily located confidential information from three (19 per cent).

“There is no doubt this is a major worry for the legal services sector in Australia,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “This [information in the bins] was found on one random casual day, and I want to make the point that this is far more common than you would think.”

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