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What fees do top earning Indian lawyers charge?

May 23, 2013 India Today has published a list of Senior Counsels and famous litigating lawyers and their average fee per appearance and per day. The list includes 8 prominent Senior Counsels. Harish Salve, 54 years old, won the…

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Delhi High Court appoints new judges

Apr 25, 2013 The Delhi High Court is reportedly set to see new appointments in the coming days, including District Judge Sunita Gupta, District Judge VP Vaish and District Judge Deepa Sharma who is also the Principal Judge of the…

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Petition seeks increase in pay for Indian judges

Apr 18, 2013 The Delhi High Court is hearing a petition seeking an increase in the salaries of Supreme Court and High Court judges in India. The petition was filed by Deepak Khosla, and the respondents are the Union of India, the…

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