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UK law firms lower expectations for 2013

Mar 14, 2013 UK law firms are revising downwards on this year’s revenue forecasts, after the strong start to 2012 was followed by less impressive numbers in the following months. Business advisory Deloitte reports that the top…

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'The tide is out' on the legal services market

Jan 22, 2013 Law firms "can no longer rely on a rising tide that lifts all boats," according to a new client advisory from Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group and Hildebrandt Consulting. "In fact, the tide is out." The report found…

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Kirkland tops ranking for law firm value

Dec 12, 2012 American Lawyer has created a ranking of 100 top valued firms - a difficult task without having access to the financial records of the firms. The results are somewhat surprising, since the firms at the top of the…

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