Howard Kennedy receives £35,000 fine after mishandled account

March 7, 2018 Howard Kennedy faces a £35,000 fine after one of its former partners was sanctioned for providing a prohibited banking facility to a client.

Following an investigation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Howard Kennedy was ordered to pay £46,950 in costs, according to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal published on 1 March.

Former Howard Kennedy partner and consultant Christopher Langford continued to overly credit a client’s account even after receiving a warning from a colleague in 2012 that “there is not good reason” for the firm to act as a bank in that way. Langford was dealt a £15,000 fine and must pay £24,300 in costs. Meanwhile three other members of the firm received no orders: Paul Amandani, Eric Gummers, and Mark Johnstone.

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