Slater & Gordon unifies divisions in recovery strategy

May 12, 2018 Slater & Gordon (S&G), still grappling with the consequences of its buyout of Quindell in 2015, has announced that it will by unifying its two entities over the summer.

In 2015, the personal injury specialist firm made a £637m deal to purchase its Quindell professional services arm from Watchstone Group. Shortly thereafter the firm suffered some financial hardships, so much so that it is pursuing a fraudulent misrepresentation claim again Watchstone.

On 11 May, S&G announced that it would be renaming the Quindell service Slater Gordon Solutions, and unifying it with its legal division Slater Gordon Lawyers. The firm will be enacting an alternative business structure, closing regional offices in Fareham and Sheffield in favor of larger regional offices.

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