Clifford Chance reinvigorates innovations strategy

May 29, 2018 Clifford Chance has announced a change in global innovation strategy, shifting focus onto quality delivery in its global hubs.

The hubs outside Continental Europe, in Singapore, Dubai, London, and New York, will put heavier emphasis on innovation through such points as pricing and pitching support and resource management.

Within Continental Europe, in lieu of such hubs there are 12 “best delivery champions” who will be in charge of the innovation strategy in their respective territories. These champion partners are listed below:

Mark Jan Arends, The Netherlands
Niek de Pauw, Brussels
Daniel Badea, Bucharest
Sandra Thiel, Frankfurt and Germany
Jared Grubb, Istanbul
Umberto Penco Salvi, Milan and Italy
Katia Gauzès, Luxembourg
Anichkin, Moscow
Diego de Lammerville, Paris
Milos Felgr, Prague
Eduardo Garcia, Spain
Andrezj Stosio, Warsaw

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