DLA Piper promotes 41 worldwide

January 21, 2010 DLA Piper has promoted 41 to partnership, the smallest total number in two years.

In 2009, the firm promoted 53 globally after making up 69 partners the year before. 13 of the new partners are women.

The Litigation and Regulatory group saw the largest intake of new partners, with 18 promotions. Corporate saw 10 promotions, followed by Finance (6), Employment, Pensions and Benefits (3), Intellectual Property and Technology (2), and Real Estate (2).

Sixteen partners were promoted in Continental Europe, 14 in the US, 9 across the UK and a further two in Asia. Within Europe, three promotions were in Italy while offices in the Netherlands, Russia and Poland grew by two new partners each.

Full list of new and legal directors by office and practice:

- Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Hendrik Bennebroek Gravenhorst Corporate Partner
Hélène Bogaard Employment, Pensions and Benefits Partner

- Baltimore, United States:
Penny Minna Corporate Partner

- Beijing, China:
Jenny Liu Corporate Legal Director

-Brussels, Belgium:
Damien Stas de Richelle Employment, Pensions and Benefits Partner

-Bucharest, Romania:
Livia Constantinescu Corporate Partner

- Budapest, Hungary:
András Nemescsói Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Cologne, Germany:
Dr Gunne Bähr Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Dubai, UAE:
Kerry Scott-Patel Employment, Pensions and Benefits Legal Director

- Edinburgh, UK:
Philippa Montgomerie IPT Partner
Ray Gribben Lit and Reg (Insurance) Legal Director

- Glasgow, UK:
Callum Sinclair IPT Legal Director

- Hong Kong, China
Ernest Yang Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Yuet Ming Tham Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Leeds, UK:
Natasha Luther-Jones Finance and Projects Partner
Josh Wong Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Lisa Harley IPT Legal Director
Sharon Duncan Litigation and Regulatory Legal Director
Clare Christopher Real Estate Legal Director

- Liverpool, UK:
Martin Griffiths Real Estate Partner
Jeff Vernon IPT Legal Director

- London, UK:
Louise Gates Finance and Projects Partner
Kate Knox Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Nick Marsh Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Cormac Alexander Litigation and Regulatory Legal Director
Jeremy Irving Litigation and Regulatory Legal Director
Louise Hales Restructuring Legal Director

- Madrid, Spain:
Cesar Herrero Finance and Projects Partner

- Manchester, UK:
Ben Johnson Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Andrew Smith Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Jane Cotton Employment, Pensions and Benefits Legal Director
Juliet Tomlinson Finance and Projects Legal Director
Claire Quinn Real Estate Legal Director

- Milan, Italy:
Martin Pugsley Finance and Projects Partner

- Moscow, Russia:
Feruz Fidaev Corporate Partner
Yaroslav Moshennikov Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Sergey Chelyshkov Corporate Legal Director
Vladislav Mazur Corporate Legal Director
Alexey Aronov Litigation and Regulatory Legal Director
Alexei Kolesnikov Finance and Projects Legal Director

- New York, United States:
Camilo Cardozo Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Megan Shea Harwick Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Lindsay Havern Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Paris, France:
Marine Gicquel Employment, Pensions and Benefits Partner
Francois Millet Employment, Pensions and Benefits Legal Director
Alexis Marchand Corporate Legal Director

- Philadelphia, United States:
Nancy Rappaport Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Raleigh, United States:
Carrie Hartley Finance and Projects Partner

- Rome, Italy:
Matteo Falcione Corporate Partner
Marco Zechini Finance and Project Partner

- St Petersburg, Russia:
Marat Altynbaev Finance and Projects Legal Director
Pavel Loguinov Real Estate Legal Director

- San Diego, United States:
Jake Handy Corporate Partner
Ray Hartman Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- San Francisco, United States:
Dean Fealk Corporate (Tax) Partner

- Seattle, United States:
Trent Dykes Corporate Partner

- Sheffield, UK:
Ian Doig Real Estate Legal Director

- Tampa, United States:
Angela Crawford Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Tbilisi, Georgia:
Otar Kipshidze Litigation and Regulatory Partner

- Warsaw, Poland:
Patryk Laskorzynski Corporate Partner
Marcin Matyka Corporate Partner

- Washington, DC:
Ed Scheideman Litigation and Regulatory Partner
Kim Pagotto Real Estate Partner
Tom Zutic IPT (Trademarks) Partner

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