ABA to investigate U.S. News' ranking methods

February 16, 2010 U.S. News & World Report's decision to start ranking law firms has prompted the American Bar Association to investigate the magazine's methods.

The ABA House of Delegates approved a resolution to "examine efforts to publish a national, state, territorial and local ranking of law firms and law schools", reports .

But to Brian Leiter, University of Chicago Law School professor and legal blogger, the ABA’s investigation comes too late. According to Leiter, the ABA should have taken a critical look at the U.S. News rankings long before the magazine turned its attention to law firms.

“Unfortunately, a mere investigation won’t do much,” Leiter told the Wall Street Journal. “Everyone with any knowledge of education or statistics or survey methods who has examined the U.S. News rankings has come to the same conclusion: They are irresponsible, misleading and provide consumer misinformation. This has had little or no impact on the irresponsible practices of U.S. News.”

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