Cravath takes Airgas case to federal court and strikes back

February 17, 2010 In Airgas v. Cravath Swaine & Moore, Airgas is seeking to stop Cravath Swaine & Moore from representing Air Products, alleging that there was a conflict of interest because Cravath has handled several financings and advised on other matters for Airgas in the last years.

Lawyers for Airgas and Cravath didn't show up in Philadelphia Commerce Court Tuesday for a planned preliminary injunction hearing because the law firm removed the case to federal court, reports The Legal Intelligencer.

According to the report, Cravath struck back Tuesday, arguing that if the company were so concerned about confidential information being shared, it would have filed suit months ago when Cravath terminated the relationship and informed Airgas it was representing Air Products in the proposed deal.


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