Quetta lawyers launch anti-Musharraf drive

Announcing September 10 a countrywide “black day” to protest President General Pervez Musharraf’s re-election plans and policies in the province, lawyers in Balochistan kicked off their anti-Musharraf movement on Thursday with a complete boycott of court proceedings and street rallies. A large number of lawyers boycotted the courts yesterday to register their opposition to President Musharraf’s intentions of securing another presidential term, which they termed an illegal act overtly meant to prolong military rule in the country. The lawyers marched down different avenues of the city to the Quetta Press Club chanting slogans against military rule and the policies of President Musharraf, and vowed to staunchly oppose his re-election.

Quetta lawyers launch anti-Musharraf drive dailytimes.com.pk dailytimes.com.pk Sun, Sep 9, 2007