Denton Wilde Sapte set to launch in Lebanon

Denton Wilde Sapte has announced an association with a three-partner firm in Lebanon, clearing the way for their launch in Beirut. The merger deal with Chedid Law Offices – which goes live in July – will be a boost to Dentons' existing presence in the Middle East. The firm already has offices in Amman and Cairo and an association with a local law firm in Libya. Safwan Moubaydeen, head of Dentons' Amman arm, said: "Dentons has the biggest presence of any UK firm in the Middle East and Lebanon is a great addition to this. We are looking to contribute to the growth of these developing countries and an association with Chedid Law Offices made a good fit for us to be able to do this."

Denton Wilde Sapte set to launch in Lebanon Wed, May 26, 2010