Best and worst of biglaw websites

The First Annual Big Law Webbies gave awards for the best and worst in Big Law websites. No prizes were given, but winners have the satisfaction of knowing that their innovations or online blunders have been noticed. Award categories included ‘Most Obscure Blog topic’, ‘Best Head Shots’, ‘Worst Head Shots’ and the ‘Small-Firm-that-Really-Wants-To-Be-an-Indie-Rock-Band Website award’. My personal favourite, however, was the showing of taglines: The ‘Most Ambiguous’ award "Minds Over Matters" from Hermes Sargent Bates The ‘Least Creative Tagline’ award "Great Lawyers. Great law firm." from Dickinson Wright The ‘‘Tagline Most Likely to Decrease Recruiting Efforts’ award "All We Do is Work." from Jackson Lewis The ‘Tagline that Sounds Most Like a Van Halen Song’ award "Right Firm. Right Now." from Munsch Hardt

Best and worst of biglaw websites Fri, Jun 25, 2010

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