Study says top US firms set to shed 17,500 non-partner jobs

September 30, 2010 Statistical analysis of the job market by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and others has predicted that things were looking up for legal professionals. But a new report from consultants Hildebrandt Baker Robbins says that around 17,500 non-partner jobs could be cut from the top law firms in the US in the next five to seven years.

The report claims that 27 per cent of the 65,000 non-partner positions at the top 200 firms in the US could disappear as a result increased use of legal process outsourcers, Six Sigma efficiency strategies, and hiring of non-partnership track staff attorneys.

Lisa Smith, the consultant who prepared the study, said: “I think it’s unrealistic for us to expect that the law business is going to be any different than any other business in terms of the changing need for talent,” she said. “Look at your business, media and journalism. The changes have been dramatic and I think we’re seeing this just come a little later to the legal field.”


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