Australia promotes Sydney as key regional seat of arbitration

February 11, 2011 Australia has taken further steps to bolster its position as a viable seat for international dispute resolution in the Asia Pacific region, sending a delegation to a key forum in Korea to meet with Korea's leading corporate in-house counsel, corporate executives and law firm legal directors specialising in international arbitration.

Sydney has been positioning itself as a competitor to the established seats for international arbitration in Hong Kong and Singapore after opening a new dispute resolution venue in the city last year.

Kevin Kim, head of Korean law firm Bae Kim & Lee’s international arbitration and litigation group, said: “We were provided with clear and compelling reasons why Australia and ACICA are viable options for companies in Korea who use international arbitration as a means of resolving disputes, particularly those involving other companies based in Asia, but also from the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. The event was very successful and a fantastic opportunity for Korean companies and lawyers to meet with a distinguished Australian politician, Australian arbitrators and lawyers.”


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