Apple hires top antitrust litigator Kyle Andeer

Apple’s has hired Kyle Andeer, a top former litigator at the Federal Trade Commission, to be its first in-house antitrust counsel. The hire took place a few months ago, going largely unnoticed, but the Wall Street Journal Law Blog opines that it represents the end of Apple’s outsider status. Andeer was an Attorney Advisor to FTC Commissioner J Thomas Rosch, one of the strongest advocates of tough antitrust enforcement at the agency and someone with a long interest in technology issues. He was also a leading figure in the FTC’s antitrust case against Intel Corp. Before working with the FTC, he worked at the San Francisco office of [Latham & Watkins" with Daniel Wall, an attorney who has long advised Apple on antitrust matters, and he has also worked as a litigator at the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division.

Apple hires top antitrust litigator Kyle Andeer Tue, Mar 1, 2011