Clifford Chance awards marginal pay rise

Clifford Chance has announced marginal salary increases for most lawyers. Pay for newly qualified lawyers will remain at £61,500 , while pay for those with one year of post qualified experience (‘PQE’) will increase from £68,000 to £68,500. Pay for lawyers with 2 years PQE jumps from £72,300 to £75,000, while lawyers on three years PQE see their pay go from £84,500 to £85,500. The firm also released details of the maximum potential bonus for each pay level. Lawyers with a year of experience can earn a bonus of as much as £20,550, while bonuses for those two years out of training will be as much as £22,500. Lawyers with three years experience may earn bonuses as high as £25,650, while those with four years or more experience qualify for bonuses up to 40 percent of salary. Clifford Chance awards marginal pay rise
Tue, Jun 14, 2011