Amarchand Mangaldas takes top spot in Indian corporate law ranking

July 12, 2011 RSG India Law Centre’s annual survey of the top 40 Indian corporate law firms has reached its conclusion. Amarchand Mangaldas remained in first place as India’s top earning firm, with AZB & Partners dropping back to second place after tying for first place last year.

Industry watchers were divided on the growth of new firms. “There is still a huge amount of opportunity in the Indian legal market,” said Kian Ganz, editor of Legally India. “The market seems entrepreneural enough and many young lawyers believe there’s a massive chance they’ll make it big. A lot of them have trained abroad and they have different exposures from the older generation of lawyers.”

By contrast, Nikhil Chandra, chief executive of legal industry services provider Rainmaker, said the sector will start consolidating in a few years: “The biggest change has been the transformation of the practice of law to the business of law,” he added. “The concept of a family lawyer, like a family doctor, has mostly ceased to exist. There will be faceless legal service providers for the country.”


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