Husch Blackwell takes core team from Jacobs Chase

Missouri-based firm Husch Blackwell has announced the hire of a group of 24 lawyers from mid-level Denver firm Jacobs Chase, including founding partners Paul Jacobs and Jeffrey Chase. The departure of the group didn’t leave much behind at Jacobs Chase, and the remaining four lawyers at the firm have opted to take their practices elsewhere. Jacobs says the move – which they are not calling a merger – was driven in part by a need to expand his firm's reach--both geographically and in terms of resources--in order to better serve clients. Husch Blackwell cochairman David Fenley commented: "We're opportunistic. So, when we see that quality of people, we're going to jump at the opportunity. Now, it's even more sweet, because, in the hospitality and resort area, we didn't really have that capability at a serious level." Husch Blackwell takes core team from Jacobs Chase
Tue, Jul 19, 2011