McGrigors proposes controversial changes to maternity policy

McGrigors has proposed some controversial changes to its maternity policy, suggesting that women who become pregnant within 18 months of their return from a previous pregnancy will not be entitled to any maternity support. A spokesman for the firm said that "this is a genuine consultation, we have built in extensive scope for feedback and will listen to the views and ideas of staff. While we sometimes do have to make difficult decisions in the long term interests of the business, nothing is set in stone as far as these proposals are concerned." Another controversial policy on the table is the replacement of the 18 weeks maternity leave at full pay with six weeks at full pay and six weeks at half pay, with a bonus of 12 weeks full pay upon return to work. Half of this is paid when they return, and the other half after a further six months. If the new mother resigns within 12 months of returning to work, they must repay the full sum. The proposal has been criticised on the basis that new parents are in need of the cash when they are on maternity leave, not when they are back at work.

McGrigors proposes controversial changes to maternity policy Fri, Sep 16, 2011