British Justice Secretary vows to make the case against protectionist regulations on behalf of UK law firms

September 27, 2011 The British Justice secretary Kenneth Clarke expressed his enthusiam last week for the nation’s legal industry, pointing out that the legal sector is one of the most successful industries in the country: "Law as an industry has in the past sometimes felt itself to be something of an overlooked Cinderella in its treatment by government – certainly relative to financial services. I want to make it clear that, for this government, the City of London is a legal centre – not just a financial one."

Despite aggressive expansion by UK law firms, there are still a number of jurisdictions that protect their local legal industries from foreign competition, including India, Brazil and Turkey. On this issue Clarke said he was “prepared to wear out much shoe leather making the case for liberalisation of those areas where protectionist regulations remain an impediment to exporting UK services."


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