Former Halliwells partners prepare to sue equity partners

A group of former partners from defunct firm Halliwells are preparing to intiate proceedings against equity partners regarding decisions that were made immediately prior to the firm’s collapse. The 14 fixed share partners made a statement saying that they had spent “a significant amount of time investigating the actions of the full members of the LLP in the period to the date of the administration order and those investigations are continuing. A considerable amount of information is being, and will continue to be, sought in this regard”. The statement continued: “The aim of the investigation is to ascertain our clients’ position as regards the conduct of the full members prior to administration given both the potential claims against our clients and the losses incurred by them as a result of the administration of the LLP.” The group is represented by Irwin Mitchell partner Chris Jones.

Former Halliwells partners prepare to sue equity partners Mon, Oct 17, 2011