Vogel & Vogel teams up with Truman Hoyle in European-Australian alliance

November 15, 2011 Australian law firm Truman Hoyle has announced an alliance with competition law firm Vogel & Vogel, which offices in Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt.

The link between the two firms expands the Vogel & Vogel best friends network to 46 law firms worldwide.

Shane Barber, managing partner of Truman Hoyle, said the arrangement will allow local clients access to global expertise, and that the alliance is a "refreshing alternative to the rash of mergers and acquisitions currently sweeping through Australian law firms’.

Barber opined that the 'merger mania' in Australia has meant hasty decisions and the possibility lawyer-client relationship could be compromised by the expectations of juggernaut global law firms.

Read more at www.thenewlawyer.com.au.

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