Court orders that ‘Solicitors From Hell' website be taken down

The controversial website ‘Solicitors From Hell; has been removed from the internet after a court ordered that the site administrator take it down. The decision resolves a six-year litigation brought by the Law Society, which established that the site earned money by demanding "administration fees" from solicitors who wanted damaging "reviews" of their performance removed. The decision is the latest of a number of verdicts against the site’s founder, Rick Kordowski. Previous cases were brought by aggrieved solicitors, who successfully claimed that the site was used for extortion. Kordowski is not cowed by the decisions, saying that since he has no assets he remains unaffected. For his part he recently pursued a £1 million claim against Law Society chief executive Des Hudson, who had allegedly called him a "criminal", but he lost this case also.

Court orders that ‘Solicitors From Hell' website be taken down Tue, Nov 22, 2011