20 more US law schools to be added to class action

February 28, 2012 David Anziska and Jesse Strauss' crusade against law schools that provide misleading information to potential students continues apace. This year, the duo have launched civil litigation against 12 additional law schools on top of the class actions already filed against Cooley Law and New York Law School.

In an interview with Bloomberg Law Anziska said that there are twenty more law school class action suits in the pipeline, the names of which will revealed in the next few weeks.

There has been considerable speculation about the true goals of the litigation and likely outcomes. Motions to dismiss have been filed in the Cooley Law and NYLS class actions, and many schools are citing ABA regulations as the cause of the problem. In this light, some say the suits won’t make it to trial, while others suggest the possibility of a global settlement

In the case of a settlement, Bloomberg asked Anzika what sort of terms he might be looking for, to which he replied: “I believe . . . what will ultimately result is that law school graduates will have some type of partial tuition reimbursement, and there will also be substantial injunctive relief in the form of law schools [having] to retain an independent, third-party auditor to audit and verify the numbers. … Law schools are going to have to report 100% accurate information.”

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