Top Law Schools Tighten Their Hold on NLJ 250 Law Firms

April 13, 2008 A bigger percentage of students graduating from top law schools in 2007 took jobs at National Law Journal (NLJ) 250 law firms than those graduating in 2006.

Columbia Law School landed in the No. 1 spot again as the school that sent the greatest portion of graduates to NLJ 250 law firms, with nearly 75 percent of its students in 2007 taking jobs among the nation's largest law firms. The school ranked No. 1 last year, when 69.6 percent of its graduates went to NLJ 250 law firms. Boston College Law School rounded at the list of the top 20 go-to law schools, with 36.8 percent of its 261 juris doctor graduates in 2007 heading for full-time jobs at NLJ 250 law firms.


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