U.S. News publishes list of law schools that increased their admissions in 2011

March 29, 2012 While law school admissions in the US have, on average, been decreasing, there are a few schools that saw enrollments increase in 2011. U.S. News & World Report has published a list of the top ten schools that posted the highest increase in yield, which is the percentage of students who received an offer and then enrolled at the school.

First place on the list goes to the University of Virginia School of Law, which rose 12% from its 2010-2011 yield to 51.9%. Next came two more public schools, Georgia State University College of Law, where yield increased 9.1% by enrolling 52.7% of accepted students, and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Law, where yield rose 7.2% to 53.7%.

Rounding out the top ten were Santa Clara University, Phoenix School of Law, Southern Methodist University (Dedman), University of Alabama, University of Louisville (Brandeis), University of South Dakota, and University of Baltimore.

Read more at blogs.wsj.com.

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