Former Hogan Lovells partner jailed for stealing £1.3 million from firm

June 7, 2012 A former Hogan Lovells partner, Christopher Grierson, has been sent to jail for three years after pleading guilty to stealing £1.3 million from his firm via a four-year travel expenses scam.

Grierson’s scam involved booking flights, canceling them at the last minute, and submitting his receipts as expense claims. He was sacked from the firm when the fraud was discovered a year ago, and he pled guilty to four counts of false accounting earlier this year, comprising 57 fraudulent travel claims. This from a man that was earning £830,000 on the books.

Grierson’s sentence is much remarked upon for its relative brevity, compared with other corporate fraud cases. The circumstances which might have mitigated the punishment include the fact that Grierson was able to very quickly repay the entire sum, his distinguished character witnesses, his early guilty plea, a triple heart bypass and depression.


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