UK firm Aston Carter makes an odd offer to graduates

UK law firm Aston Carter is offering paralegal employment, along with the promise of a funded LPC and up to 60 training contracts for candidates that are willing to pay £9,500 for a 6 month paralegal course. The £9.5k outlay, for those that can afford it, is certainly cheaper than the £13.5k that a graduate might otherwise spend paying for their own LPC, so the numbers look attractive for graduates. The likelihood of securing one of 60 training contracts with the firm seems a little far-fetched, however, since the firm currently has just five lawyers on its website four of whom are currently registered with the Law Society, and is currently in posession of SRA approval to take on just two trainees, which would be two more than its current trainee cohort of zero. RollOnFriday asked the firm how it could support 60 training contracts, and a spokesman said that the firm is entering a period of rapid expansion and expects to have 30 lawyers on the books in the next two years.

UK firm Aston Carter makes an odd offer to graduates Fri, Jun 29, 2012