30 year old firm Bachelder set to close after key departures

October 13, 2012 Bachelder Law Firm is set to close its doors after 30 years of existence, after special counsel Joseph Bachelder III and Jerome Cohen leave the firm for McCarter & English.

Bachelder Law Firm was known for its expertise in structuring pay deals for high-profile CEOs, and the New York practice was seen as instrumental in the unprecendented rise of executive compensation packages over the past three decades.

"The challenges of meeting world competition here in the [US] is leading to a reexamination as to our methods of compensation, such as its connection with equity," Bachelder explains. "We have long been committed to fairly short-term equity results, but we're going to have to go longer-term by designing agreements that tie compensation to drivers of long-term value creation rather than short-term market performance."

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