Olswang works on patent enforcement service

November 18, 2012 Olswang is collaborating in a new patent service called HLP, which aims to help patent owners monetise their patents for a fixed fee. The other organisations in the HLP team are US patent and research company HLP Integration, litigation funder Caprica, after-the-event (ATE) insurers Thomas Miller and funding broker The Judge. The enterprise is led by Olswang IP partner Campbell Forsyth.

Patent owners will pay £3,500 to enter the process, and will be advised by experts who evaluate whether or not the client should pursue patent infringement in court.

“The HLP initiative is a game changer in that patent owners who would in the past have shied away from enforcing their patents because of the costs and risks involved can now have access to justice by using a solution that involves minimal costs and little to no risk,” IP lawyer and HLP3 consultant Peter Rouse told The Lawyer. “This is particularly important for SMEs [small and medium sized enterprises] who need to do all they can to bring in revenues.”

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