South African firm ENS pursues ambitious expansion

November 26, 2012 South Africa’s largest law firm, ENS, continues its strategy of aggressive expansion, increasing its lawyer headcount from 136 to more than 500 in the past year.

The firm has ambitions to become the first fully integrated law firm in Africa, moving beyond South Africa to establish main offices across the continent.

CE Piet Faber said: "Our business is no different from any other market. We had an overtraded market in South Africa. We found we could get conflicts of interest, so we wanted to go abroad into Africa and become integrated. There is still some room for growth in Johannesburg and Durban but we are putting a big focus into Africa,.”

According to Faber, the biggest challenge to the enterprise is negotiating the regulatory conditions in each country, with many countries adopting strict rules to protect the local legal industry from outside players.

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