UK law firm franchise launches with hefty price tag

November 27, 2012 A new law firm franchise called Local Law has offered firms the chance to join up for the hefty sum of £66,900 plus VAT per year. The deal would put member law firms under a branding campaign in local budget grocery stores and afford them PR and marketing assistance from Local Law HQ, including advice, media exposure, and a web presence.

The large fee is comprised of an annual £7,500 subscription and a monthly marketing fee of £4,950. Marketing and PR are outsourced to a separate consultancy, Xpress Outsourcing.

Local Law aims to sign up 50 firms, bringing in £3.3 million per year, and reportedly plans to spend around £1m on advertising and marketing in its first year. As Roll On Friday points out: £1m buys a lot of flyers, but seems to leave rather a lot of profit for Local Law.

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