US law schools ranked by starting salary

March 20, 2013 Last year, Forbes magazine ranked schools according to mid-career median salaries. This year they have decided to take a slightly different approach, ranking the schools according to median starting salaries because - they said - of the focus that’s been put on “the potential for large amounts of plaguing debt.”

The ranking is based on information collected from Payscale, which has 35 million unique users. Looking at graduates from 98 popular law schools, Forbes found around 31,000 people that reported salary information, including 9,100 people working in the private sector with under five years of experience.

So, the ranking for median starting salary in the private sector is as follows:
1. Columbia Law School: $165,000
2. Stanford Law School: $147,000
3. University of Chicago Law School: $132,000
4. Harvard Law School: $130,000
5. University of Virginia School of Law: $109,000
6. Duke University School of Law: $104,000
7. New York University School of Law: $104,000
8. Georgetown University Law School: $103,000
9. Yale Law School: $102,000
10. University of Michigan Law School: $101,000.

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