Latham & Watkins offers voluntary redundancies in LA

March 29, 2013 Above the Law reports info from an anonymous source who says that Latham & Watkins has asked secretaries in their Los Angeles Office to voluntarily resign or there would be layoffs. According to the topster, the secretaries were offered a severance package told that if they did not volunteer, the severence package for layoffs would be less. Somewhere between seven and eleven secretaries took the deal.

According to the source, the new global Human Resources Manager, Joshua Friedlander, has facilitated a change in the culture of the firm. The change, which can be traced back to the advice of business consultants a few years ago, gives preference to young inexperienced support staff and devalues the role of “experienced, dedicated, loyal employees”.

The trend away from career secretaries and toward paralegals might make a lot of sense for the business of a law firm, since the latter group will be tech savvy, motivated college grads that are willing to work for little money. But the shift sure is tough on loyal, experienced career secretaries.

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