CMS Cameron McKenna takes back outsourced work

March 31, 2013 UK firm CMS Cameron McKenna is taking back part of its facilities services work from outsourcing provider Integreon.

Camerons managing partner Duncan Weston explained that the firm will continue to work with Integreon, but that the firm is making a shift in order to get the best value for money.

“In collaboration with Integreon and as part of good business practice, we continually review all aspects of these services to ensure those efficiencies are maintained. We can confirm that we’re currently considering the possibility of an alternative third-party provider for one part of the facilities services currently provided by Integreon. In addition, we’re working with Integreon to increase the provision of legal process support for our firm and our clients" he said.

The firm has begun a consultation for support staff involved in its £600m contract and the process is expected to conclude by the end of May, though it is unclear how many staff will be affected.

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