Pittsburgh and Detroit firms set to merge

March 31, 2013 Pittsburgh law firm Thorp Reed & Armstrong is set to merge with Detroit-based Clark Hill. The combined firm will have 300 lawyers in 12 offices.

Both firm have long histories: Clark Hill was founded in 1890 and Thorp Reed launched in 1895.

Jeffrey J. Conn, who will assume a seat on the Executive Committee of the combined firm and will serve as Partner in Charge of the firm’s Pittsburgh office said: “Our two firms have similar cultures, governance and business structures, which creates a solid platform to continue to provide value to our clients and allows for a seamless transition. For example, the combined firm’s servicing rates will remain consistent at our current levels. The merger provides our firm with opportunities to grow in our current markets, as well as expand into new markets. I am confident our clients will be pleased with the additional capacity and expertise that will come with the combined firm.”

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