California firm Fenwick & West elects new Chair

April 30, 2013 California-based tech and life-sciences boutique Fenwick & West has elected Richard Dickson to the job of Chairman. Dickson leaves behind his position as head of corporate to take over from current Chairman Gordon Davidson, who held the role for 18 years.
The current Chair of the law firm, Gordon Davidson, said: “Richard is an extraordinary and universally respected leader in the firm, having spent the past 10 years in executive management roles … After three record years of performance for the firm, I couldn’t think of a better time to transition to a new Chair, especially since the change comes at a time when I’ll be actively engaged at the firm for many years to come. Our new Chair has accomplished remarkable things as a leader, creating an environment of consensus that has enabled us to maximize our collective strengths and foster innovation. Richard is a natural choice to lead the management of the firm.”

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