Odds lengthen on partnership in top firms

May 14, 2013 It is getting harder to reach partnership in large law firms, according to a report from Legal Week. 370 partners were promoted to partnerships in the top 30 UK firms this year, down 8% on last year's figure of 401. In London the odds dropped by 17%, with 101 partners made up at top 30 firms in London compared to last year when 121 new partners were made.

In Asia the number of new partners at top 30 firms down by one quarter, with 30 partners made up compared to 40 last year. In the US promotions decreased by 22%, with 46 partners made up this year, down from 59 last year.

In the EMEA region promotions stayed steady with 117 partners made up – a marginal decrease from last year’s 122 promotions.

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