Canadian native operates Indian legal outsourcing firm

May 23, 2013 Toronto law firms and in-house counsel are increasingly making use of outsourcing services in India and the Philippines for high volume, repetitive work to lawyers in countries like India and the Philippines.

The economics of the transaction are indisputably advantageous for clients, with Indian lawyers charging around $25 per hour for work that might cost hundreds of dollars per hour in Canada.

Six years ago Gavin Birer was vice president of legal and business affairs at the foreign exchange company Travelex. He says he began investigating different models for outsourcing legal services, and discovered that India was already a major legal outsourcing destination. “I was surprised to learn that these less expensive offshore lawyers were doing quality work and turning it around quickly and efficiently.”

Later in 2006 he set up the Canadian company Legalwise Outsourcing Inc., initially sub-contracting work from his Canadian clients through a large U.S. legal company with offices and lawyers in India, and two years later he began hiring his own legal team in India.

Legalwise now employs 35 full-time lawyers in Bangalore and additional lawyers are hired on contract depending on client needs.

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