Employment stats improve for US law grads

July 1, 2013 The National Law Journal reports a 27 percent increase in hiring of recent law school graduates from last year, with 3600 hires from members of the J.D. class of 2012. The figures square with a report from the National Association for Law Placement, which confirms that the top 50 US law schools experienced a 13.3 percent increase in graduate employment figures.
“There was a definite improvement in the number of people who went into large law firms in 2012 compared to 2011. We had a six percent increase in the percentage of graduates getting those jobs. We expected an increase, but not quite that much. We felt like 2011 was really the bottom of the market” said Marcia Shannon, the assistant dean for career services at Georgetown University Law Center.

The figures are still well below those of 2009, where large firms hired 5,100 graduates. But changes to the legal industry since then suggest that hiring may not return to those levels for some time.

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