Indian SC to join London's Blackstone Chambers

July 30, 2013 Indian Senior Advocate Harish Salve is set to be admitted to the English bar and will join Blackstone Chambers, a leading English chambers.

Salve is known as one of India’s highest paid and most in-demand Supreme Court senior counsel. He has been using Blackstone as a London base for his work on international arbitrations for the past 18 months, and is now set to become a full member of the chambers. He intends to continue to spend the majority of his time in Delhi.

Blackstone senior clerk Gary Oliver said: “Our international focus is not limited to one specific region. Blackstone has a significant presence in a number of areas across the Middle East, Far East, Caribbean and Europe. We have excellent relations with many clients in India and we are very fortunate with the special relationship we have forged with Harish Salve.”

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