Slater & Gordon rumoured to be acquiring Fentons

August 16, 2013 RollOnFriday reports insider info that Australian law firm Slater & Gordon is looking to acquire London firm Fentons.

Slater & Gordon bought London personal injury firm Russell Jones & Walker last year for £54 million. Fentons is also a significant player in the personal injury field, with 38 partners on the roster, and if the merger goes ahead Slater & Gordon will have around 300 lawyers in the UK.

A spokeswoman for S&G said that "as a publicly listed company if we did have an announcement to make about a potential acquisition of a material nature, we would of course first make an announcement to the ASX.....It is not news that we have an ambition to continue to grow our business in the UK, including by acquiring firms who share our values. At any point in time we are in discussions with a number of firms. If any of those discussions had reached a stage where a public announcement was appropriate, we would make one. We have no such announcement to make at this time."

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