Dickson Minto ranks as Scotland's highest paying firm

September 4, 2013 Edinburgh-based law firm Dickson Minto is the highest-paying law firm in Scotland, according to figures reported by Legal Business magazine.

Profit per equity partner at Dickson Minto stood at £1.06 million in the 2012-13 financial year, remaining at the same level as the year before. Brodies was next in line with PEP growing 8 per cent to £432,000, while Burness Paull took third with £343,000.

The chairman of Burness Paull - Philip Rodney - said: “Two distinct models have evolved: firms that are servicing the London market such as Dundas & Wilson and Maclays; and firms such as Brodies and Burness Paull that have concentrated on Scotland. Over the past year, the latter strategy seems to have worked better.”

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